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Dr. Tung-

“I only wish I could express in words and in Love the great care that you showed me in treating my cataract surgery. All your great office staff in taking care of me I thought I was a family member with all of their great kindness that they showed me. Dr. Tung your great medical expertise and great love and kindness you gave me I cannot thank you enough. Because of you I will have the greatest Thanksgiving Holiday that anyone could have. I only wish that you and your fine family stay well and safe for all eternity. God bless you and thanks from the bottom of all my heart to you.

With all my love and thanks to you.”


Dear Dr. Tung,

“Thank you for the wonderful care that you gave in removing my bilateral cataracts. It is not an easy situation to accept, to realize that the aging process has caught up, but you made everything so natural with your “maturing” rather than “aging philosophy. The lenses that I received (Toric in the left eye and Crystalens in the right) are truly modern miracles! These are not my mother’s cataract lenses! I am now able to go without glasses, which I have not done since the fifth grade. My vision is excellent. It seems so strange to me to be able to swim with my grandchildren. Previously, I was afraid to go into a pool, because everything was a blur without glasses, but being in the pool with glasses meant never going in above my head and always avoiding splashes. I now feel liberated! I also had a fear of having my glasses broken or lost and not being able to access another pair. It is a very restricting, almost terrifying feeling. This is no longer an issue for me, thanks to your concern, knowledge and surgical expertise.

The procedure itself is unremarkable, from a patient’s point of view (no pun intended). Everything went smoothly, I had no pain. I only had to instill eye drops, use an eye shield, and take it easy for a while. The staff at Syosset Hospital were very professional and accommodating.

I must commend your excellent team who always inspired confidence in me. They knew exactly what was going on and answered all of my questions (sometimes ever before I asked) and allayed all my fears. Their interest in my lifestyle and their concern that what I needed to function on a daily basis would be achieved made me feel very valued and very unique.

I would definitely recommend this surgery to any appropriate candidate. I was apprehensive about a procedure that is relatively new, but it has been a marvelous, truly rewarding and successful experience for me.

Thank you again for improving my life! Your excellent skills are very much appreciated.”


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